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TV Commercials, Corporate Films, Music Videos, Jingles, voiceovers, Radiospots, Songs & more

Recording Studio Services
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1. Recording
2. Music Production
3. Voiceovers
4. Sound Design
5. ADR for film
6. Mixing Stereo & 5.1 Surround
7. Sweetening
8. Audio Editing
9. Mastering
They just cut your budget in half. Now what?
We’ll admit, there’s something cool about the coasts. But when you’re spending a ton on production, nothing is cooler then saving money.
At Dream Station Productions, we endeavor to save your money and we ensure you won’t pay one dime of additional charges. It’s all the quality, all the service at literally the fraction of a price.
Since each project is a collection of different things that need to be done, we need to speak directly with you so that we can prepare a quote that fits your specific needs.
Video Production Services
1. TV Commercials
2. Corporate Documentaries
3. Music Videos
4. Explainer Videos
5. Video Editing
6. Color Grading
7. Animation 
8. Compositing